Benefits of Using Big Data for UAE Construction Project Analysis

Database Construction UAE

The construction business is full of project-related data. However, it’s not easy to access the right data when required. It goes without saying that the architecture and construction industry is a data-driven industry. Anyone, who is willing to invest in the construction market, must analyze the construction data to make sound business decisions.

Big data is playing an important role in the GCC construction market. Big data analytics is beneficial for every construction project. The accurate information related to building designs, workflows, and estimates from the early stage till the finish.  

Let’s discover the most compelling benefits of using database construction software in the UAE

Database Construction UAE

Risk Prediction

In the construction market, there is a huge risk. Investing in this market necessitates the right assessment of the market and an understanding of the potential risks. Using a construction database will help you get to know about all the risks related to the construction market to help you take the right step.

Enhanced Productivity

Construction companies always aim to enhance their workflow, and efficiency and find various strategies to streamline the whole construction process. For that, one may use an advanced construction database.

As a construction project manager, you can analyze data and track employees’ movements. This will help you make significant decisions while streamlining the workflow. This will also resultantly a boost in the performance of the employees and reduce the project costs.

Finding the Best Ways to Troubleshoot Problems

When you are able to predict the risks, you automatically get to know about the elements of a potential crisis and its probable solution. This definitely helps construction project managers to enhance their problem-solving skills by using big data.

The Right Planning and Budgeting

Using advanced data analytics software can help construction project managers skillfully plan the project. Using big data analytics tools, users will be able to collect and access data from current and past projects. Analyzing these projects will help you understand various factors that resulted in delaying the project or impact on the deadline. Planning the budgeting is equally important for the success of the project. Using a big data analytic tool, you can estimate materials, labor costs, and other related costs accurately. 

Moreover, big data analytics tools also help users with building maintenance and renovation work.

PROJECT INTEL- The Most Advanced Construction Data Analytics Software

You can understand that big data is the new norm in the construction market analysis.PROJECT INTEL is an all-in-one construction market analysis platform that helps users forecast the sales pipeline accurately.

Using this platform, one can easily assess the risk and determine critical components of the projects.  This platform will also guide you to generate qualified leads and manage your sales like a pro.

We all know that UAE is the no 1 construction market in the GCC and if you want to invest in this market, you must make use of our tool. Our advanced platform can track more than 13, 717 UAE projects worth over $611 Bn(estimated).

You can also analyze these projects by various segments and sub-sectors. You will be able to analyze mega-project pipelines by development stage across all sectors. Moreover,  our platform will help you get the listings of top construction projects in the UAE along with leading contractors and consultants.

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