How Can a Database for Construction Projects Benefit the Company?

database for construction projects

In recent years, ‘Construction database’- This term has become omnipresent due to the emergence of the software-based database for construction projects. Do you know what it is?

Well, if you follow the literal definition, a construction database refers to an organised and easily managed collection of information. But a construction company database is just not an application but beyond that for the construction industry in GCC countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain). 

The necessities and benefits of a database for construction companies vary in terms of macro-level cases that you need to be aware of, especially when related to this sector. Have a look.

 database for construction companies

Importance and Advantages of Database for Construction Companies and Subcontractors

Thanks to internet access which makes databases easily accessible for construction companies worldwide, even in GCC countries.

For the owners of construction companies, a construction company database refers to different external databases where they can find or take insight into the current and upcoming projects, the details of construction vendors, subcontractor information, construction induction cards and more. Thus, a construction company keeps track of any specific details or data essential for its business.

On the contrary, delving into a database for construction projects is equally helpful for subcontractors since they can keep an eye on the upcoming projects and determine if they can be a part of it. In fact, these construction databases mutually benefit both construction companies and subcontractors. For example, many construction company owners look into subcontractor databases to find the right helping hand for a specific job.

Necessity and Benefits of Construction Company Database for Project Managers and Workers

For project managers and employees, a construction database holds information about the projects, assets, equipment, quality outcomes and workers related to the specific project. These kinds of project-based databases change and move slowly. Switching to a construction database tool eliminates the stress and hassle of manual data entry, and so do the chances of errors.

Bottom Line

So, speaking of the construction software database, Microsoft Excel and different spreadsheets are there. But with an advanced database platform, like PROJECT INTEL, looking for your sales opportunities becomes easier and quicker. This construction database is easy to manage and use. You can narrow your search for construction projects, subcontractors or companies across GCC countries while targeting high-performance markets and identifying risks.

Apart from delving into current and future GCC market conditions, you can take a close look at real-time and accurate market data analysis and research the ever-changing construction industry. Plus, the advanced features of PROJECT INTEL allow us to penetrate the construction market more confidently, like:

1. Advanced Search Features-

  • Select and refine data by location, including specific regions, cities, countries, values, sectors and materials
  • Easy to search by Development type and Status
  • Save your search
  • Narrow your search by specific categories

2. Project Profile Features-

  • Updated and up-to-date database from planning to subcontracting
  • Know your project scope and overview
  • Regularly updated timelines and project progress
  • Easy to get data about key consultants, contractors and project bidders

3. Company Profile Features-

  • Easy to search for construction companies and add to your favourites
  • Advanced search features to sort your findings
  • Set reminders and add notes features

4. Project Search Features-

  • Easy to track projects, from concept to completion
  • Deliver real-time industry data and construction leads across GCC
  • Data export to Excel or CSV

Moreover, this database for construction companies provides valuable project intelligence using its advanced data analysis tool.

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