How Does PROJECT INTEL Play Its Part in Piloting Urban Development Analysis?

URBAN CONSTRUCTION Development Analysis

In this era of widespread urbanization, many cities and towns are witnessing massive infrastructural developments. New offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, shopping centers, and other commercial establishments are getting built and all this is resulting in large-scale urban development. The GCC countries have also witnessed large-scale urbanization in the past decades, and infrastructure for health, education, law, markets, waste management, roadways, protection of heritage buildings, etc., are what urban development comprises. If you want to study the urban development sector in the GCC regions, you should subscribe to the portal of PROJECT INTEL. This is a highly reliable portal, which you can conveniently use for urban development analysis. This portal offers its subscribers, valuable construction project intelligence data and tracks the activity of over 50000 companies across the GCC.

How Can PROJECT INTEL Contribute to Your Business Growth and Development?
Identifying the sales opportunities in the early stages of the projects helps in gaining leads and in this way, this portal keeps you way ahead of your competitors. It provides you a detailed insight into the GCC construction market and allows you access to all the contact details of the key persons associated with the major construction projects so that you can get in touch with the right person at the right time. With this, you can make informed sales pitches and grow your business in leaps and bounds.

PROJECT INTEL Makes URBAN CONSTRUCTION Development Analysis Effortless
Urban development is one of the three major sectors that PROJECT INTEL focuses on, the other two sectors are Infrastructure and Oil and Gas. There are several urban construction projects in progress in the GCC regions at a time and the proficient and dedicated research team of PROJECT INTEL tracks over 21010 urban development projects worth billions. This sector is further segmented by different sub-sectors, such as industrial, commercial, infrastructure, institutional, residential, energy and utilities, and more. It also provides a complete listing of all the major construction projects in the GCC as well as the details of the leading contractors and consultants.

Make the Most of the Construction Project Database Offered by PROJECT INTEL
PROJECT INTEL’s extensive construction project database is rich with accurate data of the GCC construction sector. And this unbiased and precise data helps the architects, contractors, consultants, building material suppliers, professional services firms, and construction equipment companies to conduct research, URBAN CONSTRUCTION Development Analysis, identify the risks, and learn about the current and predict the future market conditions and building requirements, and adapt with the fast-changing construction industry.

So, subscribe to this portal and access this online directory of the construction projects to lay your hands on the up-to-date construction leads and the latest industry data. Before subscribing, you may also request a demo to learn more about the features and benefits.

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