How to Track Urban Development Projects and Make Business Out of It

Urbanisation is trending worldwide, and the Middle East & GCC countries are not an exception. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and other neighbouring countries are focusing on transforming their infrastructure sector. It is expected that these countries will be able to revive private sectors’ confidence and generate more employment opportunities by developing smart, sustainable, and future-ready infrastructure.

While development and upgradation of the infrastructure sector will create more jobs, we think the domino effect of this event will have a more significant impact on the economy. We are not only saying this in the context of the post-pandemic economic boom but after considering the overall urbanisation planning of these countries.

The more roads, buildings, and other infrastructure projects start to take shape, the more business opportunities it will create for contractors, suppliers, and local service providers. Now the biggest question is, how businesses and individuals can find these projects, track their status, spot business opportunities by analysing trends & patterns, and find critical decision-makers for presenting the pitch? Continue reading for the answer!!

Construction Intelligence Solution

Track Over 18,700 Urban Development Projects with PROJECT INTEL

PROJECT INTEL is an all-in-one real-time construction data analysis platform that helps users make accurate forecasts. Since it provides real-time updates, you will always stay informed of the latest developments in the industry. It will give you a competitive advantage that you can leverage to generate more and more qualified leads.

Currently, you can access more than 18,700 urban development projects worth over $1,058 billion in the Middle East & GCC countries. Finally, we will conclude that PROJECT INTEL is the ultimate solution you will need to find new urban development projects and track their requirements.

Generate More Leads and Improve Your Bottom Line with Us

Tracking projects and gaining visibility will help you figure out business opportunities. Besides, you can also procure in-depth information using our construction intelligence solution. Preparing a sales pitch becomes easier when you already know what your customers want. You can also access the contact details of key decision-makers, which will help you present the pitch to the right person. PROJECT INTEL will also help you to:

  1. Understand market issues
  2. Formulate data-driven strategy
  3. Make better decisions
  4. Understand potential risks before they appear
  5. Conduct competitive research
  6. Evaluate the competitive landscape and more

Win More Business with Flawless Urban Development Analysis

Gathering and analysing data has become a common practice for businesses, irrespective of their industries. You must first collect urban development project data and analyse them properly to find new opportunities and grab more projects. PROJECT INTEL has made analysing easier than ever before. Using our urban construction data analysis tool, you can:

  1. Segment each project by sector like industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, etc.
  2. Check real-time updates of significant projects
  3. Track future projects that are in the pipeline
  4. Pinpoint your focus only on urban development projects, etc.

Urban development projects could give your business the much-needed thrust required to skyrocket your growth. However, precise analysis of project data is essential to make this happen. Though data analysis is challenging, PROJECT INTEL can help. Contact us now to request a free trial. Unlock the full potential of your sales team by subscribing to PROJECT INTEL.

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