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Urban Construction Development

Urban Planning and Development, which is also referred to as town planning, city planning, regional planning, etc., is one of the major sectors that includes a number of sub-sectors for development, such as commercial establishments like offices, shopping malls, retail markets, showrooms, car parks, complexes, convention centers, etc., residential establishments like housing complexes, villas, etc., educational establishments like schools, colleges, universities, libraries, research centers, training institutes, etc., civil and public establishments like community centers, museums, embassies, sports clubs, public buildings, petrol/gas stations, etc., healthcare establishments like hospitals, medical and research centers, laboratories, etc., and the hospitality sector that includes hotels, restaurants, resorts, and spas, etc. Urban planning focuses on the design of land use and the development of the environment. It also comprises the infrastructure for all the necessities of an urban area like education, health, markets, streets, law and justice, protection of cultural heritage, solid waste treatment, etc. With the increase in the span of the urban areas in the GCC countries, a large number of Urban Development projects are being undertaken. And if you want to make a thorough analysis of the urban construction projects across the GCC, then subscribing to the portal of PROJECT INTEL is the best that you can do. PROJECT INTEL helps in Urban Construction Development Analysis in the best way possible.

Urban Development – One of the Three Major Sectors Prioritized by PROJECT INTEL

This highly popular project intelligence platform focuses on three major sectors, one of which is Urban Development, and the other two are Oil and Gas and Infrastructure. The team of experts of PROJECT INTEL tracks over 20670 Urban Development projects, the total worth of which is over $1170 billion approximately. These projects are further segmented by sectors like commercial, residential, industrial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, civil and public, etc., as well as by various sub-sectors. This portal lists all the major urban construction projects that are in progress in the GCC regions as well as provides all the details of the already completed ones. Furthermore, information about the recently announced construction projects is also made available to the subscribers of this construction intelligence platform.

It is Wise and Worthwhile to Depend on PROJECT INTEL for Urban Construction Development Analysis

It is one of the most reliable providers of GCC construction project sales leads, market analysis, company intelligence, planning and forecasting, and Urban Construction Development Analysis.

This unique portal serves as the most comprehensive source of data and analysis of numerous construction projects in the GCC. Other than tracking the ongoing projects in the closest way possible, the team also collects authentic and accurate information, which helps in forecasting future project activities.

PROJECT INTEL provides its valued subscribers with the necessary tools and online solutions to spot new business opportunities in the GCC construction market and develop successful businesses.

All these can help you to study and understand the company activities closely, gain rich market data, and generate leads. Moreover, you can also identify and pin-point the risks, potentials, and opportunities associated with the extensive GCC construction market. Needless to say, all these benefit a newcomer in this industry in a remarkable way.

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