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construction intelligence center

To start a business in any domain, a thorough market analysis is vital. Without studying the market, making profitable business decisions becomes difficult. Furthermore, if you want to generate maximum leads, first you have to understand how the market works and learn about all the risks associated. You also have to understand the future prospects of the industry and collect rich industry data for research and analysis. With the growing importance and need for market study and analysis, various tools are being developed and introduced that help in making these tasks easier.

Here we are going to talk about such an online platform that provides a deep insight into the GCC construction market specifically and helps you to understand the prospects, opportunities, and risks associated with the market. And also, you can track the latest and the ongoing construction projects across the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. We are talking about PROJECT INTEL, which offers an online data intelligence tool that facilitates identifying the new construction project developments. This innovative tool tracks the progress of the construction projects closely so as to identify and generate leads for the subscribers.

Why Subscribing to the Platform of PROJECT INTEL Proves to be Profitable?

PROJECT INTEL is a popular and widely recognized construction intelligence center offering accurate data about all the major construction projects in the GCC regions. The users will find all the vital data that they need for a comprehensive construction market analysis and gain plenty of business opportunities. People, who mostly subscribe to the portal of PROJECT INTEL are contractors, consultants, suppliers, professional service firms, and others. 

PROJECT INTEL has highly skilled and dedicated research teams that track the project concepts, designs, tenders, and the everyday operations and progress of the thousands of large and small-scale construction projects in the GCC countries. This portal always keeps its esteemed subscribers updated with the latest construction industry data. So, if you are looking for the most reliable source of real-time GCC construction industry data for business intelligence, it is suggested to subscribe to the portal of PROJECT INTEL

Get Access to the Key Contacts of the GCC Construction Industry

PROJECT INTEL provides its subscribers the contact details of the key persons associated with the projects, such as the construction project managers so that they can get a clear view of the current and future project activities and progress. In this way, you can track your competitors as well and create a rich and extensive contacts database for your business.

3 different types of subscription plans are offered to the users – Professional, Professional+, and Professional Executive. You can also request a demo, which will give you an idea of the features of this unique tool as well as of the benefits that you can avail of from this user-friendly portal.

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