The Ultimate Guide: Importance of Urban Development Analysis

urban development analysis

Hey, do you intend to invest in GCC countries’ urban construction market? If yes, it’s high time to go for urban development analysis before stepping ahead. If you wonder why so, let us tell you.

Before you invest in the urban construction market of GCC countries, like Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, ask yourself, “What Does It Take to Make a Good City?” Of course, it is great architectural designs and good planning, Right? And here, the importance of urban construction development analysis comes in.

Urban Development Analysis

GCC region has already transformed their facades with futuristic planned architecture. With a detailed urban construction and development analysis with a data-based approach, you can have a better insight into the current GCC construction market. For example:

The GCC construction market is divided into different sectors, including industrial, commercial, infrastructure, utilities, energy, residential and institutional. And according to the current GCC construction market trends, investments are rising here and have started sprucing up since 2021.

For instance, the UAE market has granted around USD 9.36 billion in the first three months of 2021, while the construction market of Qatar has received contracts of nearly USD 15 billion for its LNG program. Also, the construction project market in Kuwait has had a gradual growth since May 2021, increasing to USD 91.6 Billion from USD 86.1 Billion. In fact, even though GCC urban construction project market experienced a decline over the last few years due to COVID-19, it has recovered since 2021 by doubling project value up to USD 26.3 billion.

However, such data-based urban development analysis of GCC countries not just helps you shape the cities by identifying the challenges the residents experience here but beyond that. Such as:

#1: Improve the Communication Between the Residents and Developers-

While investing in the urban construction market in GCC countries, you need to be familiar with the issues people face living in these cities. Urban development analysis bridges the gap by communicating with the residents, leading to better engagement between the developers and the inhabitants here.

#2: Shape a Smarter City-

When you have access to current data on the GCC urban construction industry, you can manage and utilise your resources better as well as investment options to ensure a more functional and modern infrastructure construction. Also, you can take an insight into the resources and determine how the urban areas will develop over the years so you can use the resources where their necessity is most.

#3: Better City Planning-

Construction development analysis can provide you with information faster and in real time, which plays a great role in infrastructure planning. Plus, you can develop your investment options and business opportunities better.

Bottom Line

While interested in investing in the urban construction market of GCC countries, PROJECT INTEL is the leading urban development analysis platform to rely on.

You can access current urban development and construction projects, including leading contractor and consultant details while tracking here over 9,959 urban development projects with a value of around $1,010 Bn. Also, apart from being a reliable provider of market data analysis, we offer forecasting, sales leads, and company intelligence.

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