Top 13 Major Construction Projects to Watch in Abu Dhabi

13 Upcoming Abu Dhabi Mega Projects

The United Arab Emirates has experienced tremendous urban growth in recent times, and there’s still a lot to come. The metropolitan areas like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are undergoing the highest level of civil engineering, architectural innovation, and creativity. UAE’s massive urban development is nothing short of historic. But why should you care? Let’s find out in this post.

More construction projects mean more opportunities for architects, building material suppliers, construction equipment firms, contractors, and other construction industry service providers.

PROJECT INTEL is the most trusted platform for accessing construction intelligence across the GCC and Middle East countries. We have an entire team of experienced researchers who track every concept, tender, design, completed and under construction projects of this region to help users get updated construction leads and industry data. In today’s post, we will highlight a list of the major construction projects coming soon to Abu Dhabi.

1. Warner Bros. Hotel

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, is the home of a 1.65 million square feet long Warner Bros. theme park. It is also expected that the world’s first Warner Bros. themed hotel will open in the capital by the end of this year. The construction work of the hotel has been 75% completed. Real estate developer Miral has recently announced that Hilton will manage the hotel under the Curio Collection by the Hilton brand.

There will be more than 250 rooms in this hotel named after popular Warner Bros. characters like Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, etc. Needless to say, the decoration of the hotel is inspired by the famous films, comics, and television programmes of Warner Bros. There will also be premier restaurants, fitness clubs, spa, etc.

2. Yas Bay

It will be the home of 15,000 individuals once completed. Yas Bay is a luxury residential complex featuring 19 parks, leisure zones, entertainment hubs, retail space, a huge indoor arena, a beach club, schools, a skate park, a waterfront area with a pier, etc. There will also be two international hotels called:

  • The Hilton Abu Dhabi Yas Island
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Yas Island Residences

3. The Waterfront

The leisure hub of Yas Bay, The Waterfront is a 3 km wide island-edge boardwalk. It will feature 19 retail outlets and entertainment hubs once completed. It is also expected that The Waterfront will feature a boutique cinema hall and beach club, including 37 bars, bistros, cafes, and restaurants. In addition, the pier of The Waterfront will have 12 of its own food and beverage destinations that will be accessible by car, bike, boat, and walk. Some of the confirmed restaurants and bars coming to The Waterfront are AsiaAsia, Siddharta Lounge, Lock, Stock & Barrel, and La Carnita.

4. Al Qana

It is a massive waterfront entertainment and leisure hub located in Abu Dhabi’s Al Maqta end. The construction of this project is still underway, but according to our source, 90% of the project has been completed. It is expected that Al Qana will open to the public at the end of this year. It features 15-screen Cinema City, a gaming hub and e-sport arena called Pixel, and a lifestyle Hub called The Bridge Wellness etc.

5. The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is a part of the aforementioned Al Qana project. It will be the largest aquarium in the entire region which will feature ten different aquatic zones. This aquarium project is developing on 5,000 square metres of area. The construction company of this aquarium is working with Abu Dhabi’s environment agency EAD to create an innovative rehabilitation scheme. Along with showing off local marine life, the aquarium authority is also exporting some friendly creatures with whom you can also swim. Overall, it is expected that there will be more than 250 species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, arachnids, birds, and a huge walk-through underwater tunnel. You also will be able to watch live underwater shows in The National Aquarium.

6. Sheikha Fatima Park

The Khalidiya Ladies Park is undergoing a radical transformation under the direction of Imkan. Located in the city’s heart, this 46,000 SQM massive park will be known as Sheikha Fatima Park after completion.  The urban green will include a full spectrum of retail sites, live event space, thrilling sports activities, dining spaces, etc. Along with the activities and facilities mentioned above, Sheikha Fatima Park will also feature music stages, skateboard half-pipes, coworking spaces, etc.

7. Al Reem Mall

This mall has described itself as the first omnichannel mall in the world. It will feature a digital shopping solution along with a conventional mall shopping experience. This digitally enabled mall will also have an integrated logistics hub. You will surely experience a new era of the retail concept in this mall.

8. Fairmont Marina Abu Dhabi

Fairmont Marina Abu Dhabi will be one of the largest and most beautiful hotels in the entire world once completed. The management can inaugurate this hotel any time soon.

9. Traditional Souk

An Abu Dhabi-based company has an exciting plan to transform a 245,000 SQM area of Abu Dhabi’s W64 Zone into a sophisticated entertainment complex. It will contain UAE’s heritage-style marketplace, a waterfront hotel, vibrant restaurants, and leafy open courtyards.

10. Mina Zayed Redevelopment

Zayed Port, AKA Mina Zayed, is a deep-water commercial port owned by Abu Dhabi Ports. This port is not just a leading trading hub of the country but also one of the primary reasons behind the massive economic growth of Abu Dhabi. The Mina Zayed Redevelopment project aims to create a housing complex blended with entertainment hubs, tourism spots, etc. In addition, visitors will be able to enjoy a rich shopping experience at Mina Zayed.

11. Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

It is an art museum featuring an unconventional yet contemporary design. The funnel-shaped protrusions in the exterior of the structure are inspired by the region’s historical wind towers. Visitors will be able to see here a comprehensive collection of modern and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is expected that Guggenheim Abu Dhabi may take time around four years to be completed.

12. Zayed National Museum

This national museum will stand as an architectural marvel once completed. The Zayed National Museum will showcase the inspiring story of this great nation and the visions of its founding father. It is expected that this museum will be the cultural hub of the country in the coming years. The different galleries of Zayed National Museum will exhibit the elements of:

  • Falconry and Conservation
  • Land and Water
  • History and Society
  • Science and Learning
  • Faith and Islam etc.
  • There also will be a Sheikh Zayed Library. However, the authority has still not announced the completion date of this project.

13. Snow Abu Dhabi

It is the largest forest-themed snow park in the country. Located inside the USD 1.2 billion worth Reem Mall project, the construction of Snow Abu Dhabi is still underway. The park will feature around 13 exciting rides and attractions like snowflake garden, enchanted tree, ice labyrinth, crystal carousel, tobogganing, etc. No matter how frightful the outside weather is, the park will always be at -2oC with 500mm of snow covering. You can visit Snow Abu Dhabi whenever you want to chill in the land of the eternal sun.

These are the 13 upcoming significant projects in Abu Dhabi, creating many job opportunities for contractors, builders, construction equipment companies, building material suppliers, etc. You can use PROJECT INTEL to get detailed insights into these and the other construction projects currently undergoing in GCC and Middle East countries. Contact us today to request a FREE trial.

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