Artificial Intelligence in Construction
Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising the Future of Construction: HOW?

Hey, do you really think that AI means just the robots projected in sci-fi movies? Well, that’s a part of the distant future! But, you are already leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis to conduct tasks, like through Alexa! Just like in your home, AI has made its way to the construction industry of the GCC countries, including the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi. This construction intelligence is going to play a crucial role not just in boosting the productivity on the site but beyond that. See here.

construction intelligence in the UAE

How Is AI Evolving the Future of the Construction Industry?

To understand how construction artificial intelligence (AI) is going to shape the future of construction, let’s take an insight into the definition of AI first. Artificial intelligence fetches a huge amount of data to analyse the trending details and patterns using the power of machines. On the other hand, leveraging machine learning executes tasks on the construction site with better accuracy and faster while resolving problems as well. 


Gone are the days of calling or messaging workers at the job site to get the current progress report of their project. Today’s field reporting software offers a direct insight into real-time job site performance and problems (if there are any) leveraging artificial intelligence. Also, it provides safety alerts with a notification to make the project manager aware of the potential issues in real-time even if you are not present on the construction site. 

Safety sensors

Artificial intelligence has not only automated our homes, but the construction site as well and makes it safer to work in. Wearable safety sensors pinpoint the location of your workers wherever they are engaged in tasks and notify the project managers or stakeholders if any accident occurs, like falls or slips. 

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

In the construction site, OCR is the most common software to be used nowadays using artificial intelligence (AI). From converting documents and images to scanning sketches to numbering and naming and hyperlinking sheets- This construction intelligence saves hours on processing building sketches, including markups, viewing and sharing. To stakeholders and project managers.


When it comes to artificial intelligence, drone mapping is the most innovative revolution in the construction industry. With the deployment of drones and drone mapping, you can conduct accurate surveys of the job site capture aerial images for better insight and identify issues that you can share with your stakeholders to get additional perspectives. Also, it is useful for tracking the progress of the current project on the construction site.  

In Conclusion

We hope you understand how the adoption of construction intelligence in the UAE and other GCC countries is increasing on the construction job site day by day. Just like these, the cloud-based construction data analysis platform, like PROJECT INTEL, leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to capture a larger amount of real-time data of a job site, including the market data and its analytics and reports, making companies fetch more profits. Using it, you can get a direct and detailed insight into the current project reports and get up-to-date contact details while finding new work opportunities. Also, you can leverage it to get informed sales pitches and make your company stand out from your competitors. 

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How Construction Intelligence Solutions helping Popular projects in UAE

According to a recent report, industries and individuals spend a little more than 10 trillion dollars per year on construction-related activities. Digital technology and innovations in the field of Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing the construction industry. The use of AI has increased in the field of construction engineering and project management in recent years. At present UAE has the number one construction market in the Middle East. In recent years, technologies like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and AI have improved construction performance and project efficiency in the country. Nowadays, big data management transforming the construction industry around the world and UAE is not any exception.

The construction industry has now become an interconnected ecosystem of hardware and software solutions. Top projects and construction companies are now hiring construction intelligence solutions providers to get comprehensive construction market analysis, reviews, and expert recommendations. If you are interested to know the efficacy of construction intelligence technology in the UAE, consider this blog worth reading.

Implementation Of AI & ML In Construction Projects:

Innovation in the field of AI is rapidly advancing and the ability to mimic human cognitive functions such as reasoning, planning, perceiving, and processing is continuously improving. Critical traits of AI such as problem-solving, critical thinking, pattern recognition are largely used in the construction industry to scrutinize mountains of data. Today, the construction industry uses several applications of AI in the mundane filtering of spam emails and advanced safety monitoring. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have become the cornerstone for construction intelligence in UAE to prevent cost overruns.

Based on factors like project size, contract type, and the competence level of project managers AI neural networks can predict cost overruns. Furthermore, it is a useful tool for project risk mitigation. Project contractors nowadays use AI & ML solutions to monitor and identify risks on the job site. AI is also used to manage a large amount of data. Every job site has now become a potential data source for AI.

Implementation Of Big Data Technology In Construction Projects:

Every day construction industry is producing vast amounts of data. These include everything from blueprints, building models, project materials, costs, etc. Construction intelligence companies can help businesses to create huge data repositories that are structured and easily accessible. Based on the ‘big data’ these companies can help construction projects to get the latest insights into the development of the construction-related industry. In every stage of the construction process, big data is used to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

  • Planning And Budgeting: With the advancement in the field of analytics technology, project teams can now be benefited from big data in the earliest stages of the construction process. Big data can help to map out the overall project timeline and provide more accurate cost estimation on materials.
  • Design: Contractors, architects, and project managers can use state-of-the-art data-driven tools to create digital models and predict any potential issues during the design stage before construction starts.
  • Operations & Maintenance: Data is useful even after construction ends. Information collected during construction can provide maintenance crews with construction knowledge, structural know-how, and engineering ideas that can help them in future projects.

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with better insights regarding construction intelligence, AI, ML, and big data. Construction intelligence can make every step of your construction process smoother.

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